With Wind in the back
wood : maple
dim. : 47" x 35" x 25" H

"The one who gave me life, also taught not to come close to the reef, because the waves could pull me into the depths of the sea. There was a lot i did not understand, so it never even crossed my mand to disobey the rules. Everything beyond the cliff was a mystery to me... And mystery wouldnt't be a mistery if it didn't bring something tempting which makes us restless... and which always appears when we feel that we are missing something, but are not guite sure what it is.

I had to make sure if that was the thing that i was missing... That's how everything started. I gave in and it enraptured me. The coast was too small for me. I gazed at that infinite vastnes and at the sailboats that were drifting away and disappearing there, between the two worlds. That sight was like a magnet which attracted me,and wich, at the same time it created not sorrow, but certainly some kind of void in me. The void was becoming bigger and bigger, just like the sails on the sailboats I was watching... The sails that led them I can't even imagine where.

I didn't hesitate much. I gathered the things that were most important in myself, I discarded what was insignificant and went after the sailboats. I will never forget that first feeling of freedom... It is that feeling when you are wearing nothing, you feel the heat and at the moment the breeze comes and begins to caress you. Actually, you sense that it wants to pass you by, but as if it is too late and the contact is inevitabile. The greater gratification soon comes along - it is embedded in the water gates. it came from the open sea and brought the freshness that we all desire to surround us all the time... I felt chill all over me, soft, pleasant chill.

The coolness opened every pore on my body. My chest couldn't expand as much as I wanted, so they could be filled with all that beauty. I had a feeling that, if I inhale some more, my body will burst into a -illion particles... and they will soar towards the sky and each will embrace the bloom of this day. That sensation gave me my own sail,with which i will go much further than any sailboat went so far.

I am sure that someone will watch me from the reef too and that is why I want my sail to be so big and so white so it can bee seen far away on the horizon. And then the ones who are watching me will come after the freshness too, with wind in their back, and freedom in their thoughts. We will sail together and, in time, there will be many more of us, and there will be plenty of everything,the only thing that will vanish be the limitation."