Blue eyed girl
wood : red sailow
dim. : 78" x 62" x 27"

"I am walking along the river-bank, upstream. Daybreaks are beautiful and the air is fresh. The river is peaceful here. So peaceful that it creates a vision of eternal peace... But the roar that I hear in the distance announces restlessness and brings me back to reality.

The Sun burns fiercely, I am trying to find a shelter in the shade of the trees. From time to time I lean over the water so I can see my image (reflection)... I try to recognize it, but every time I feel like the river is taking away a part of me. It's just as it swills out the dregs and something hidden emerges from the kingdom of illusions... And at the moment I begin to gaze into my image, tiny waves come along just in time to distort reality and signal that something is coming.

I lift my head up and I see big rafts full of people sailing down the river... I hear monstrous clamor. Many of the passengers are already in the water just holding for the raft. The strongest are pushing the rafts with big oars to go faster down the river, as if they don't know that rafts are already going in that direction... The river is so foamy and wrinkled that no one can make out its own reflection in the water. I am trying to draw their attention and warn them about the danger. Everything is useless... They don't hear me because of the noise, and I have the impression that my appearance impels them to turn their heads away, and darkens every thought of their obedience. I feel helpless. We are leaving´┐Ż and going separate ways - I towards the spring and they towards the mouth of the river...

The Sun is blazing. I can't stop thinking of those rafts... My only companions on this journey are the birds... They are my faithful followers. And then´┐Żone day, we changed places. I don't even know how, but those birds are now my guides. And if it wasn't for them maybe I wouldn't have realized that I am not alone on this journey. I started catching up the others, and the others caught up with me.

They didn't care about my look, just as they had seen my transformation for a million times. Their only concern was how to stop the rafts. They bravely got into the river and stood in their way. They didn't have much luck in stopping them, but still they had managed to rescue couple of poor souls, mainly those who were already in the water.

The Sun is blazing in a threatening way. I become obsessed... I want to stop the rafts, too. And I think I know how. But first I just need to leave something that I am made of, as my legacy... And may every saved one do the same. May our legacy continue the saga I have begun and resound the story of the calm waters, and I will make sure that the story will be heard."