About me
My name is Aleksandar Tosic. I was born in January, 1979. in Nis, Serbia. After finishing high school I have finished Faculty of Economy in Nis. Love towards nature had developed in me since my early childhood, when I was spending much time in the woods with my father building our cottage, in the old traditional way. We had a little workshop where I worked with my father, carving wood as a hobby. Ther I made all sorts of objects, solely out of wood.

Much later this hobby became the family business, although on some less interesting level. None the less, I have never stopped working with wood. I started carving wood a few years ago, when I had got to know this branch of art a little better. I did replica’s of stylish furniture, I carved in botts of firearms, and made furniture without some orientat. After my latter spiritual growth, I have found the way which I follow today and which can be seen in my work. Timr will tell which path my further development will take. It all depends on the people that I will encounter on my way and on their influence on my.
About my work
The accent is, first of all, on the naturalness of wood, as it can be seen in my works – the more amorphous (natural) wood is the more incredible its story. It narrates about the difficulties it was going through during its life, about the constant battle for its survival. I find them before the very end of their existence and give them a new form of life which will last, I am sure, just as long as their previous. Their story is not very different , in general, from the stories of others on this planet and we should always keep this in mind. Our other form of life are our works.

The main goal of my work is to draw attention to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us all. Everything we have we owe to nature. She is our teacher (guide) and she is constantly sending us the messages. These messages I wish to present, in the way I understand them. I like to say for myself that I am only a man with imagination (dreamer) and a reader of nature. Nobody is more original than nature and only before her works should we bow. Once the tree was a temple. Wood was a sacred cell of nature. Today it is just a source of exploitation and a basic element of survival. For me, wood is much more than that.